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A Healthy, Eco-friendly and Memorable Wellness Center That You Deserve

Ayurmithra Eco Wellness Resort is a completely eco-friendly wellness center that caters to those who need a healthy and memorable stay on the lap of Ayurvedic philosophy. Based on a system of medicine that goes back to Indus Valley Civilization, we wanted to provide an authentic blend of the medicinal techniques and an impressive hospitality. Situated near Kallada river in Kollam, Kerala and spread across 45 acres of land, Ayurmithra would be your best choice at having a relaxing time, authentic Ayurvedic wellness package or a mission to lose weight.

The philosophy and practice at Ayurmithra Eco Wellness Resort are always under the oversight of Sree Narayana Institute of Ayurvedic Studies and Research — who provide not just the philosophical background but also the right resources for materializing this eco-friendly wellness center. Sree Narayana Institute of Ayurvedic Studies and Research takes efforts to ensure the best Ayurvedic experience for our customers — offering a wide variety of treatments and wellness programs, all under the skill of experienced professionals from the forte of Ayurveda. This prominent institute aims to provide currency for Ayurveda and bring the attention it deserves from across the world.

At Ayurmithra, we believe in becoming a complete provider of services. From wonderfully crafted rooms for your stay to an authentic wellness cuisine, along with services like physiotherapy, Yoga and spa, this resort offers a holiday closer to nature. The wellness cuisine at Ayurmithra Eco Wellness Resort is also about eco-friendly farming techniques. Made in the most organic way, our food can fill your desire for healthy, tasty and authentic culinary offerings from Kerala and beyond. The culinary goodness of Ayurmithra Eco Wellness Resort would be one of the best experiences you’d have during the stay. 

Our story could not be complete without what Ayurmithra wants to establish. We want to inculcate a culture of hospitality and wellness practices without harming the environment. All our activities, even the modern ones, have been designed with the respect for the Pancha-bhutas in mind. You’re welcome to the world that is covered by the five primal forces of the universe. With a comparatively lower carbon footprint and a brand-new philosophy of offering wellness activities, Ayurmithra Eco Wellness Resort redefines everything you had in mind about a nature-friendly holiday.

Ayurmithra Eco Wellness Resort is the dream-come-true of some Excellent Professionals
One in kind, One in Faith and One in God Of one same womb,of one same form there is no Difference at all
Chairman Message
We offer a unique concoction of spiritual, mental and physical components to ease your lives in the lap of nature and make your holiday an auspicious one.
The environment will soothe both body and soul with immense pleasure and relaxation. Our professional ambience will cater and excite the expectation of every individual visiting the place.

Ayurmithra Eco Wellness Resort offers a wide variety of specialized Ayurvedic and Wellness services to our diverse clientele. We also offer customizable packages to make the selection easier.

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As one of the best Ayurvedic health resorts in Kerala, Ayurmithra Eco Wellness Resort is foregrounded upon the values of eco-friendly living. An attempt to create the perfect collaboration of the nature and the man, the entire resort has been built with minimal impact on what surrounds it. The soothing flow of the Kallada river is just one example of how serene of an eco-friendly living Ayurmithra Eco Wellness Resort can offer. 

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ML Anidharan
CEO Message
We wanted to build the perfect blend of Ayurveda, wellness and the centuries-old old hospitality traditions, all tailored for today
Ayurmithra Eco Wellness Resort aims to bring together the best of what Ayurveda has to offer to us, for well-being, healthy living and relaxation. Starting with a serene atmosphere to spend your holidays with professionals and environment that bring the best of you.
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